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Lolturbine is a game of strategy and world domination. It is an adaptation of RISK, but is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro or RISK online.

At the start of the game, the nations of a map are divided among all players. Each nation contains 3 troops of its owner's color. The gameplay then proceeds in turns.

At the beginning of your turn, you receive reinforcements depending on the nations you own. For each third nation you hold, you receive 1 troop, with a minimum of three. Additionally, holding entire continents provides bonus reinforcements. These troops can be placed on nations you own, before proceeding to the assault phase.

In the assault phase, you can attack hostile nations adjacent to your own nation, provided you have sufficient troops. Since there must always be at least 1 troop in each nation, you can only attack from a nation with at least 2 troops. When attacking you get a number of dice equal to the number of attacking troops (maximum 3) and the defender gets dice equal to the number of defenders (maximum 2). The dice are compared highest to highest (and second-highest to second-highest, if applicable). The higher score wins, and the defender wins ties. For each die lost, one troop is also lost. If you defeat the foe, you can advance your troops (minimum of 1) into the conquered nation. You can continue attacking from the conquered nation or somewhere else.

When you're done attacking, you advance to the troop movement phase. You can move troops from nations you own to any other nations you own, provided they're connected by an unbroken chain of your own nations. Note that you must still keep at least one troop in each of your nations.

Optional rules

When creating a game, there are some additional rules you may implement in your game.

Bonus cards

At the end of each turn in which you conquered at least one nation, you receive a bonus card. The card has a color and a nation. At the beginning of your turn, you get a chance to trade in a set of bonus cards for extra reinforcements. A set consists of 3 cards of the same color, or of 3 unique colors. If you own a nation depicted on any of the cards you trade, you get 2 additional troops, automatically deployed on that nation.

Normal bonus

When playing with normal bonus cards, each set of bonus cards is worth 6 troops.

Escalating bonus

When playing with escalating bonus cards, the first set traded in among all players during the game is worth 4 troops. The next set is worth 6 and the bonus continues to increase in the following sequence:

4 6 8 10 12 15
After this, each subsequent set traded is worth 5 troops more than the last.


Lolturbine was created by Ane Hov, Harald Sperre and Sindre Eskeland by an idea from Harald. Currently only Sindre is adding functions, and performing error correcting, thus development is slow. But slow development has not reduced the final goal of the game. Here are some of the functions that will be added in the future:

  • Missions
  • Timelimits
  • Emails will be sent to the current player
  • A lot of bug-fixing